• How is the riding comfort of fuel-cell cars?

  • The event space is filled with fun and also charitable spirits!

  • Let's Challenge!

  • New "Itasha (car decorated with anime characters)" emerges!?

  • Already packed!!

  • Good morning!

  • A. Couto with a 7th place finish off a long race in unfavorable weather conditions

  • Over in the GP Square ...

  • Welcome to the Lounge!

  • With all the umbrellas, wow the paddock looks like a flower garden!

  • Good morning from Suzuka in the wet!

  • So THIS(!?) is the trophy that's being talked about!

  • Rainy but enjoyable summer night!

  • Let us rise to the challenge with 11 + 11, the power of 22!

  • A. Couto having to retire without chances to exert his true best...