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2024.02.29 This season’s races to include 350km races and 3-hour races in addition to 300km races

 On February 29, GTA Co., Ltd announced the race distances/time for each round of the series, and that again in the 2024 season there will be eight (8) rounds held at six (6) circuits, with three ra…

2024.02.22 【2024 SUPER GT Sporting Regulation Revisions】 Reduction in the number of tire sets allowed per/round. Adoption of a “Combined time format” for Q1 and Q2 official qualifying sessions.

 As we now enter the month of February 2024, the teams and carmakers are proceeding with their tests and announcements of their race programs in preparation for the opening round of the season. The …

2024 Series Entry List

2024.02.09 Revision in the Qualifying Format for the 2024 SUPER GT Series

On February 9th, GTA made clear as follows the outline of the Official Qualifying format for the 2024 season. Please note that details of the new rules will be announced in a bulletin to be released …

2024.01.18 Nissan Announces 2024 SUPER GT Race Program! Chiyo/Ronnie to drive car No. 23! Car No. 3 to be driven by Takaboshi/Miyake, and No. 24 by Matsuda/Natori

 On January 18th, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd. (NMC) announced the make-up of the Nissan teams for the 2024 SUPER GT season. Announced at this time were …

2024.01.12 You can see GT machines & drivers too at Tokyo Auto Salon! Team lineup revealed for UPGARAGE's No.18 car and SUBARU's 61 car.

 One of Japan's largest exhibitions of custom cars and products that now draws attention from car maniacs of all around the world, TOKYO AUTO SALON 2024 was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefe…

2024.01.10 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing announces its GT300 class support teams. FIA-F4 champion Rikuto Kobayashi to drive car No. 30!

 On January 10th, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing introduced its 2024 domestic motorsport program, including items such as the previously un-announced SUPER GT GT300 class program. According to the announcement…


2023.12.12 Honda announces its program for GT500 participation in 2024. Matsushita moves to car No. 8, Ota moves to car No. 17, while new drivers Ren Sato and Riki Okusa join the No. 16 and No. 64 teams respectively!

 On December 12th, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) announced the plans for its domestic motor sports activities in 2024. According to the announcement, as reported earlier, there will be five teams c…

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