Freescale to Hold Technology Event at Asian Le Mans Series Fuji Round, Offers Free Entrance to Pre-Registrants

Freescale to Hold Technology Event at Asian Le Mans Series Fuji Round, Offers Free Entrance to Pre-Registrantsの画像


Eleven SUPER GT GT300 Class cars will be participating in Rd.2 of the Asian Le Mans Series – 3 Hours of Fuji on 9/20(Fri) – 9/22(Sun). Freescale Semiconductor Japan (below – “Freescale”), the main sponsor of the No.30 IWASAKI OGT RACING GT-R will hold “The Freescale Experience” on-site during the race weekend.


The Freescale Experience is one of the largest events for Freescale Japan, bringing together a technology showcase, training sessions, The Freescale Cup and various family activities. Attendees will also have the chance to watch the Asian Le Mans Series race taking place simultaneously.
It is a three-day event with an interactive environment for business collaboration and future innovation.
The event is especially geared toward those with general interest in the latest electric car technologies as well as Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) systems. The APR Toyota Prius team will hold a talk show regarding the challenges of using electric motors / batteries in motorsports and attendees will get a chance to learn about the components of the next-generation ADAS system that are being actively developed on the IWASAKI OGT RACING GT-R, currently competing in the SUPER GT.


Freescale will pay for the entrance fee of anyone attending technical sessions and technology lab during the event. For more information regarding “The Freescale Experience” and free pre-registration, please visit the Freescale website:




Event Information
• Date: 9/20/2013 (Friday) – 9/22/2013 (Sunday) 10:30 – 17:00 (Until 18:30 on Sat 21st)
• Location: Fuji Speedway (Shizuoka Prefecture, Sunto Gun)
• Entry Fee: Free (Pre-Registration Required)
Pre-Registration Website:
• Organizer: Freescale Semiconductor Japan, LTD.



(1) Technical Sessions and Technology Lab
With more than 250 seminars offered globally, Designing with Freescale (DwF) seminars provide tailored live training to embedded engineers on a broad range of Freescale solutions. See technology lab demonstrations and attend technical seminars in DwF format presented by Freescale and Eco-System Partners.


(2) Freescale Cup
The Freescale Cup is a global competition where teams of student build, program and race a model car around a track. The fastest car to complete the track without derailing wins. The Freescale Experience weekend will feature both the preliminary and final round of Freescale Cup Japan with competitors from 8 universities (10 teams).


(3) Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) R&D in Motorsports
ADAS R&D on the No. 30 IWASAKI OGT RACING GT-R, the regular SUPER GT series participant, will continue the program during the Asian Le Mans Series Rd.3 Fuji weekend.


(4) Other Activities
Parade Run in your own car/motorcycle or supplied event buses, Kart Racing, Freescale Summer Festival party, a wide variety of activities await the “Freescale Experience” attendees.


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