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Round 4 Race Press Conference

Round 4 Race Press Conferenceの画像

GT500 Class



Koudai Tsukakoshi

“This is thanks to Baguette’s strong run. I didn’t cry at our last win (in Round 2 at Fuji) but I couldn’t hold back the tears this time because it is a win in my native Tochigi. I am really so happy. Though I will be basking in the afterglow of this win today, from tomorrow I will be preparing for the next round so that we can win our first season championship.”


Bertrand Baguette

“Today’s win was in the same pattern as our win at Fuji in Round 2 (a runaway win despite interventions by the Safety Car). I really wanted to catch the leading car No. 38 (ZENT GR Supra) faster than I did. That caused me to (put too much wear on) the front tires, but it helped us when the Safety Car came out. As with Round 2, we owe this win to the team and the Bridgestone tires.”






GT300 Class



Naoya Gamou

“In addition to the way the race played out, I didn’t expect our [no-tire-change] strategy to go this well. This package of our car and the Bridgestone tires really fit the Motegi course perfectly, and I’m glad we were able to take advantage of this. I’m really relieved that we were able to win.”


Togo Suganami

“Last year (after joining the team from Round 6), there were races where we had the chance to win but couldn’t, and this year we had the speed but couldn’t win. That is why I am so happy to get this first win (for Suganami personally).



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