Honda introduces 2022 team: Stunning move by Nobuharu Matsushita joining No.17 car! Last year's organization maintained at all other teams; two 22-year-old rookies given a chance in GT300.

Honda introduces 2022 team: Stunning move by Nobuharu Matsushita joining No.17 car! Last year's organization maintained at all other teams; two 22-year-old rookies given a chance in GT300.の画像

Honda Motor co., Ltd. announced its motorsports program for 2022 via Internet on January 14th. In the live streaming and news release, Director, President and Representative Executive Officer Toshihiro Mibe emphasized that motorsports is embedded in Honda's DNA, "From the days of its founding, Honda has grown up as a company with racing and has been developing its people and technologies through racing." President's address included Honda's declaration to devote its efforts to motorsports activities with enhanced new organization, "Honda will further strengthen its motorsports operation and capability by adding automobile racing activities to Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which has been operating Honda's motorcycle racing activities."

Koji Watanabe, Chief Officer for Brand and Communication Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. expressed manufacturer's determination for this season's SUPER GT in the live streaming, "Three of Honda's affiliated teams fought hard in the intense battle (for the title) until the final round in the SUPER GT GT500 class, but we fell short of achieving back to back title that we longed for, and that was a bitter feeling. We need to regain the championship crown this season.

The manufacturer will supply Honda NSX-GT Type S, a new model of NSX-GT, in the GT500 class this season to the same five teams as last year.

No.8 ARTA and No.16 TEAM Red Bull MUGEN will continue with their driver line-up, Tomoki Nojiri / Nirei Fukuzumi and Ukyo Sasahara / Toshiki Oyu duo in their early 20's, respectively. No.17 Astemo REAL RACING stays with its first driver Koudai Tsukakoshi, but it has been made public that Nobuharu Matsushita, who scored a win last year with Nissan's CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R, will be the partner of Tsukakoshi. No.64 Modulo Nakajima Racing kept the same Takuya Izawa / Hiroki Otsu combination from last year. TEAM KUNIMITSU is changing back to their old car number "100", but the driver line-up remains as Naoki Yamamoto / Tadasuke Makino.

"Personally, it was frustrating last year, so I will take on this season with one thing in mind, to get back what we lost (the champion) by our own hands with my partner Makino. Members (Honda drivers) who gathered here on stage are rivals, but we share a same focus to improve the brand image of Honda and HRC, and we can assure everybody that we will give everything to exert the strength each one of us has. We appreciate all the fans out there for continuous support." Yamamoto appeared in the live streaming on behalf of the GT500 drivers and expressed fleet's commitment to bring back the title as well as to fight hard with newly organized Honda/HRC.


8 ARTA Tomoki Nojiri
Nirei Fukuzumi
16 TEAM Red Bull MUGEN Ukyo Sasahara
Toshiki Oyu
17 Astemo REAL RACING Koudai Tsukakoshi
Nobuharu Matsushita
64 Modulo Nakajima Racing Takuya Izawa
Hiroki Otsu
100 TEAM KUNIMITSU Naoki Yamamoto
Tadasuke Makino



Two teams from GT300 class, No.18 and 55 cars, were announced as the user of NSX GT3 Evo. Two drivers from HFDP, Honda's driver development team, were added in the line-up.

Takashi Kobayashi continues to assume the role of first driver for No.18 TEAM UPGARAGE while 22-year-old Kakunoshin Ota, who competed in the FIA-F4 Championship last season, making a debut in SUPER GT.

No.55 ARTA has undergone a complete change in their driver line-up. First driver is Hideki Mutoh, who has been competing in GT500 class after succeeding to become a GT300 class champion in Honda CR-Z GT in 2013. Mutoh will partner with Iori Kimura, a 22-year-old who has captured his first SUPER GT seat after fighting for the title until the end in the FIA-F4 Championship last year where he won 4 races.


18 TEAM UPGARAGE Takashi Kobayashi
Kakunoshin Ota
55 ARTA Hideki Mutoh
Iori Kimura



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