Revision in the Qualifying Format for the 2024 SUPER GT Series

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On February 9th, GTA made clear as follows the outline of the Official Qualifying format for the 2024 season. Please note that details of the new rules will be announced in a bulletin to be released at a later date.

1. Addressing the Environmental Sustainability Road Map “SUPER GT Green Project 2030”

As measures in line with the “SUPER GT Green Project 2030” environmental sustainability road map announced for the SUPER GT Series in November 2022 that calls for the reduction in half of all CO2 emissions of the series by 2030, The 2023 series saw the introduction of bio-mass based “CNF” fuel for the GT500 class and a reduction in the number of tire sets to be brought for use by one set (5 dry tire sets for a 300 km race) as a measure toward promoting the longer tire life.

For the 2024 series that begins in April of this year, following the lead of the GT500 class last season, the GT300 class will also be required to use a CNF fuel with 50% bio-mass fuel, as well as a reduction in the number of tire sets to be brought for use by one set (4 dry tire sets for a 300 km race).



2. Background and Aims of the Revision in the Qualifying Format for the 2024 Season 

Regarding the reduction in the number of tires, there were concerns that continuing the same format that existed until the 2023 season would reduce the opportunities to keep the tires warmed up, such as the official practice, and the opportunities for Circuit Safari runs, which would in turn reduce the satisfaction of the SUPER GT fans. This led to a consideration of the possibility of running the qualifying with one set of tires as a solution, which resulted in the decision to adopt the new qualifying formant introduced below.


【Outline of the new 2024 SUPER GT Series Qualifying Format】(Rule details to be announced in a bulletin to be released at a later date)

 1)Both the GT500 class and GT300 class will adopt a “Combined time format” for Q1 and Q2

 2)The number of tire sets to be used in Q1 and Q2 will be limited to one set

   * The tires used to start the race will be tires used in the Qualifying

 3)The following rules have been set

  ➀ Points awarded to top qualifiers will be extended to 3rd place (1st – 3 pt.; 2nd – 2 pt.; 3rd 1 pt.)

   * Points for Qualifying leaders and number of pole positions will be awarded to two drivers

  ② Cars that have not run in the qualifying will start the race from the pits

  ③ A minimum qualifying time will be set for Q2 (cars failing to meet the minimum qualifying time will start the race from the pits)


【Main Aim of Adopting the New Qualifying Format “Q1, Q2 Combined Time Format”】

 1)Efforts are made to further accentuate the biggest appeal of SUPER GT, namely that two drivers drive the same car in the attempt to win

 2)Eliminating the possibility of cars being knocked out of the qualifying after Q1 helps equalize the conditions of tire use for all teams, which also means more driving exposure for all drivers

 3)A special rule is set for the GT300 class to increase the chance for all drivers to change their position in the qualifying standing, thus creating a new aspect of entertainment



 Please note that, to deal with concern about the fact that the “Combined time format for Q1 and Q2” can make it harder to know which car is running in top position overall in Q2, preparation of a new display to show in real-time which car is running in the top position overall in Q2 is now being developed.


 As we stated at the announcement of the “SUPER GT Green Project 2030,” we believe that environmental sustainability is one of the most important issues that we must address to ensure the continued existence of motor sports going forward.

 We believe that this new Qualifying format that is being adopted for the purpose of promoting longer tire life is an effective measure to promote awareness of environmental sustainability in motor sports as well as maintaining the true character that makes SUPER GT special. And we will continue to promote it as a means for creating new motor sports entertainment.


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