• Round 3 Malaysia presentation attracted many media.



    Media presentation of the AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round 3 Malaysia was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the night of April 9th.
    Presentation was staged at the Centre course of "Pavilion," a large premier shopping center in the city, and participated by GTA Representative Director Masaaki Bandoh as well as TJ Chin and JP Chin, CEO and the founder of JP Performance Motorsports(JPM), promoter of the Malaysia race event, respectively, Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of the International Events of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, a sub-organization of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Dato Ahmad Razlan Razali, CEO of Sepang International Circuit. Around 50 media from in and out of Malaysia and over 200 affiliates, guests, etc gathered, making it a lavish event.

    GTA Representative Director Bandoh(above photo) expressed appreciation for the support that people of Malaysia had given to Japan in the awake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and explained that the all SUPER GT events of this season will again be designated as special Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support events under the slogan, "Nihon wo Genki ni"(Strength for Japan). In addition, he shared his feeling on the inclusion of SUPER GT Malaysia round to the 30th anniversary of Look East Policy events and continuous commitment to contribute further to the exchange of two countries, "All of us involved in the SUPER GT have long held the wish that our race activities will contribute to the development of Malaysia's automotive industry and help deepen exchanges between Japan and Malaysia and the other countries of Southeast Asia. For these reasons, we at GTA are especially honored that the Malaysia round of the SUPER GT series has been chosen as an anniversary event of the Look East Policy."

    JP Chin(left photo), who had assumed the post as the promoter of event last year and successfully uplifted it further, said, "We were able to bring in over 50,000 people to the event last year. This year again, we will have the SUPER GT as the primary event with support races, Super car parade, etc on the track and, at the event venue, we are planning a motor show as well as "Akihabara Street," an area with booths related to Japan, and many more. We want to make the event even more exciting and enjoyable than last year." He promised to improve the event even more.

    GM Nagamaiah(right photo), who appeared on the stage as a Malaysian government representative, said "We wish to attract more tourists from overseas to Malaysia through motorsports, and we would be grateful if SUPER GT, a popular racing series not only in Japan but also in Asia, can be an opportunity for people to visit Malaysia and experience the beauty of our country." He emphasized that the event is not only for Japan and Malaysia but also Asia as a whole.


    From left: GM Nagamaiah, CEO TJ Chin, GTA RD Bandoh, and JP Chin.


    In the Q&A session with media, Malaysian media showed their strong interest in SUPER GT by asking questions related to the latest news such as "Participation of hybrid cars", regarding to Toyota Prius making debut this season, and the comment made by Takanobu Ito, President of Honda, in the preseason regarding "Desire to field an NSX Concept to SUPER GT."



    In addition, the 2012 Malaysia GT Queens showed their dance performance and children played their tune on Japanese Drum, which added a festive mood to the media presentation.