2017.02.22 Key points in 2017 SUPER GT rule revision

There is still some time until the 2017 season opener. However, the preparation is surely underway as we are seeing a chain of announcements and presentations coming from the automakers and teams rec…


2014.02.05 2013 SUPER GT cars review Part 6 GT300 “FIA GT3 -2-”

  OFF SEASON SPECIAL -6- Unique FIA GT3 cars boosting excitements in the GT300 class     The series to look back at 2013 SUPER GT cars has come to its final edition. Thi…

2014.01.30 2013 SUPER GT car review Part 5 GT300 “JAF-GT300”

  OFF SEASON SPECIAL -5- First wins everywhere in 2013! Japan’s own JAF-GT300 cars.   The exercise to look back the 2013 SUPER GT racing cars has come down to GT300 covera…

2014.01.23 2013 SUPER GT car reviews Part 4 GT300 “FIA GT3 -1-”

  OFF SEASON SPECIAL -4- Japanese and German FIA GT3 race cars became a dominant force in the GT300 class.   At last, 2014 is here, but it makes us more longing to see the seaso…

2014.01.15 2013 SUPER GT car reviews Part 3 GT500 “LEXUS SC430”

OFF SEASON SPECIAL -3- Consistent speed throughout the season.  Barely no change on the outside.   The third edition of this exercise to look back the SUPER GT machines before th…

2014.01.09 2013 SUPER GT car reviews Part 2 GT500 “Honda HSV-010 GT”

  OFF SEASON SPECIAL -2- Convergence to one form from disparate details in the early season.   This exercise of looking back the SUPER GT cars before the 2014 season start is se…


2013.12.25 2013 SUPER GT car reviews Part 1 GT500 "NISSAN GT-R"

  OFF SEASON SPECIAL -1- Continuous improvement was at the core of the defending champion despite difficulties.   2013 season showcased exciting races one after the other, but n…

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