• Initial agreement reached for 2013 Korean rou


    A step forward towards inaugurating event in Korea.

    Signing ceremony for the agreement reached by GTA and Woo Myung Holdings, the promoter of SUPER GT's Korean round, towards hosting of a SUPER GT round in Korea in 2013 was held at Woo Myung Gallery in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on December 15th.

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    The agreement came together in the effort to realize a SUPER GT race event at Korea International Circuit in 2013, and some 170 guests including VIP like the mayor of Hanam, Secretary General of Korea International Circuit, etc had gathered for the celebration. Se-Chang Lee, a talent who is also involved with motorsports, and Young Won Min undertook the role of MC for the ceremony which was conducted in a festive atmosphere created by variety of shows like traditional drum play, belly dance, etc.

    Representative Director of GTA Bandoh addressed, "We are planning for a racing series under SUPER GT regulations in Asia in near future, and this agreement is viewed as the first step of SUPER GT's new Asian strategy."
    Chief of Organizing Committee Lee Myung ock talked about the future outlook, "I believe that the hosting of a SUPER GT event will give a spark to Korean motorsports to change, and also it will have a great impact to the economy."
    Agreement was concluded by having RD Bandoh and Chief of Organizing Committee Lee Myung ock inking the contract.

    In the wake of this agreement, various activities will be implemented to prepare for a race in Korea. If all the necessary adjustments with various stakeholders go smoothly, a SUPER GT race can be seen in Korea as early as in 2013. In any cases, eyes must be kept on how it would develop.

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    RD Bandoh expressed "GTA will put maximum effort to bring a race in Korea."

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    Chief of Organizing Committee Lee Myung ock said "SUPER GT is the world's top level GT race."

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    Ceremony was held at automobile-themed Woo Myung Gallery located about 40km east of Seoul.

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    Top stars of Korea, Se-Chang Lee and Young Won Min, acted as MC.
    They both are actively involved with motorsports.

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    Belly dance, drum play, and many other attractions added
    celebratory touch to the ceremony.

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    Kim Myeong Gon, art creator whose work is displayed at the venue, presented his painting to Mr.Bandoh.